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Along the development path of a compound, you must make critical decisions to ensure drug approval and market success. Success depends not only on the drug’s performance, but also on the competitive landscape, requiring reliable assessments—now and for the future—of your competition.

Publicly available clinical trial data represent an underutilized source of information.  When properly extracted and analyzed, clinical trial data provide a great source of information to support drug development decisions.

We have created an extensive collection of over 45 Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases covering a wide range of therapeutic areas that capture high-quality public source data on drug efficacy and safety, drug, disease and trial characteristics, trial design, and the competitive landscape to inform critical decisions.

Analysis-ready clinical trial outcomes data

Certara’s Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases include information for marketed drugs as well as drugs in development; data source includes journal publications, conference posters, regulatory reviews, etc.

They leverage valuable public clinical trial data to provide key drug development insights for:

  • Comparative efficacy/ safety
  • Scaling of endpoints and subpopulations
  • Trial design optimization
  • Commercial viability
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Visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate

Our intuitive, interactive, web-based graphical interface unlocks the value and richness of public and
proprietary clinical outcome data. This interface allows you to easily visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate the content of the databases to a broad audience within pharmaceutical companies.

  • Easily select data subsets with built-in filters
  • View interactive tables and graphs for meta-analysis
  • Access database updates in a timely manner
  • Get custom database content based on your needs
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Over 45 therapeutic areas

Cardiovascular and metabolic: AF stroke prevention, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, NASH, obesity, secondary stroke prevention, T1DM & T2DM…
Immunology: Crohn’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, COVID-19, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ulcerative colitis…
Oncology: Metastatic breast cancer, multiple myeloma, non-small cell lung cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, small cell lung cancer, PD1 – solid tumors…
CNS, pain & other: Alzheimer’s, AMD, asthma, chronic pain, cystic fibrosis, glaucoma, HBV, HCV, idiopathic pulmonary, major depression, migraine, narcolepsy, osteoporosis, schizophrenia…

Contact Certara
Jaap Mandema, PhD Chief Innovation Officer

Jaap’s research interests are applying modeling and simulation to optimize treatment strategies, trial designs, and drug development decision-making.  He is the world’s leading expert on model-based meta analysis and has published extensively and received several awards for his academic contributions.

Leon Bax, PhD Director, Integrated Drug Development

Leon Bax has over 15 years of experience in epidemiological and statistical modeling and is an expert in meta-analysis.  His work focuses on the development and analysis of clinical trial databases and on supporting formal decision-making in drug and medical device R&D through analysis of proprietary data and public source literature.  Leon has supported filings for the FDA and EMA with model-based drug development and statistical and epidemiological analyses.

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