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Clinical trial teams are facing pressure to innovate faster, even as industry data shows the odds are against them. For example, 90% compounds fail to demonstrate sufficient safety and efficacy. CODEX by Certara aims to solve this problem. By combining expertly curated databases with powerful AI and data connectivity, CODEX provides the insights clinical trial teams need to improve trial design and anticipate outcomes.

With access to an extensive library of over 60 indication datasets spanning therapeutic domains like immunology, oncology, metabolic disorders, and central nervous system disorders, you can now harness the power of data-driven decision-making like never before. Seamlessly integrate your internal data for meta-analysis tasks and utilize our state-of-the-art AI-powered document extraction tool to effortlessly craft custom datasets tailored to your unique requirements. Experience a new era of data-driven discovery with our innovative platform CODEX.

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A.I.-Powered Analytics Across the Clinical Trial Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) extends the capabilities of CODEX clinical trial exploration platform. Featuring a suite of powerful deep learning AI models, CODEX enables users to quickly search, identify and extract insights from both internal and external content sources that relate to their clinical outcome database. Clinical trial investigators can now draw better conclusions around therapeutic effectiveness and safety, anticipating clinical trial outcomes and planning new studies. 

  • Quickly identify insights across structured and unstructured data types such as published research, CSRs, scanned documents and press releases 
  • Use natural language processing to query and extract relevant data points from unstructured literature to expand clinical outcome datasets 
  • Consume external public data and integrate data from internal sources – all in one platform 
  • No code analytics tool for turning unstructured content into structured datasets 
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A.I.-Powered Analytics Across the Clinical Trial Landscape
Analysis-ready clinical trial outcomes data

Analysis-ready clinical trial outcomes data

Certara’s Clinical Outcomes Databases include information for marketed drugs as well as drugs in development; data sources include journal publications, conference posters, regulatory reviews, regulatory clinical trial websites (e.g.,, etc.

They leverage valuable public clinical trial data to provide key drug development insights for:

  • Comparative efficacy/ safety
  • Influential population and trial characteristics
  • Biomarker-outcome relationships · Trial design optimization
  • Commercial viability
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Visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate

CODEX, our intuitive, interactive, web-based graphical interface unlocks the value and richness of public and proprietary clinical outcome data. This interface allows you to easily visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate answers to critical R&D questions to a broad audience.

  • Easily select data subsets with built-in filters
  • View interactive tables and graphs for meta-analysis
  • Access database updates in a timely manner
  • Get custom database content based on your needs
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Visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate
More than 60 indications are supported

More than 60 indications are supported

Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders: AF stroke prevention, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, NASH, obesity, secondary stroke prevention, T1DM & T2DM…

Immunology: Crohn’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ulcerative colitis, atopic dermatitis, …

Oncology: Metastatic breast cancer, multiple myeloma, non-small cell lung cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, small cell lung cancer, PD-(L)1 treatment of solid tumors…

CNS, pain & other: Alzheimer’s, AMD, asthma, chronic pain, COVID-19, cystic fibrosis, glaucoma, HBV, HCV, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, major depressive disorder, migraine, narcolepsy, osteoporosis, schizophrenia…

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Jaap 1@2x
Jaap Mandema, PhD Chief Innovation Officer

Jaap’s research interests are applying modeling and simulation to optimize treatment strategies, trial designs, and drug development decision-making.  He is the world’s leading expert on model-based meta analysis and has published extensively and received several awards for his academic contributions.

Matthew Zierhut Vice President, Integrated Drug Development

At Certara, Dr. Matthew Zierhut advances the integration of external aggregate clinical trial data into development decisions and commercial and regulatory strategy via model-based meta-analysis (MBMA).  Matt works closely with clinical development teams to ensure MBMA is leveraged for optimal impact when making the most critical decisions.

Nick Brown
Nick Brown Director, Global Portfolio Leader for Certara.AI

Nick Brown is Director, Global Portfolio Leader for Certara.AI; the life sciences-specialized GPT platform. Nick has over 10 years of experience driving AI adoption and customer success across life sciences, federal government and other industries. Prior to Certara, Nick led marketing at Vyasa (now Certara.AI) assisting in the launch and go-to-market strategy for the Layar data platform. He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and resides in Andover, MA.