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Certara.AI is a secure, flexible platform for deploying life science specific GPTs across your organizational data. With real-time indexing of your data, Certara.AI ensures access to the most up-to-date content related to your area of interest. The result, users can review, validate, and fine-tune generated responses while providing the reference required for trusted GPT use. This enables a powerful platform for applying GPTs across drug development from early discovery to clinical trials to regulatory submission.

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What can you do with Certara.AI?

Benefits and Features

Purpose-Built GPTs: Trained specifically on biomedical data, GPTs within Certara.AI are purpose-built to understand scientific concepts enabling highly specific, validated responses.

GPT Referencing: By securely connecting to your data, Certara.AI provides direct access to internal documents and files to enable referencing of GPT responses.

Up to Date Information: Indexes your data in real-time, ensuring GPTs have access to up-to-date insights required for life science analytics. You can trust GPT responses are informed by the latest content available.

Scalability: Has a scalable architecture allowing you to expand to new data environments and deploy new GPT models without interfering with your existing platform.

Trained on Your Data: GPT models within Certara.AI train on your data, allowing for organization specific GPT models that understand your use cases and terminology.

Pre-Analyzed Library of Public Life Science Content: Features a library of over 60 million life science research documents keeping you informed of the latest developments in your area of interest.

How it Works

Reduce time. Save money. Improve your drug discovery process with the right data.

What makes us different?

Why Certara.AI can solve for limitations that other AI Platforms cannot

Where competitors focus on generalized applications of AI, Certara’s solution combines unrivaled technology, data and industry expertise to provide the leading life sciences-specialized AI platform.

Drug Discovery

Understanding a molecule’s viability for further development requires the analysis of complex chemical, biological, logistical, and computational data. Certara.AI delivers the ability to comprehend complex data types; discovery scientists spend less time running mundane computational analyses and research tasks.

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Drug Discovery
Clinical Research & Trial Execution

Clinical Research & Trial Execution

80% of the data clinical trial teams need resides in unstructured content. When trained in biomedical literature, Certara.AI reduces manual research tasks and accelerates the collection of relevant data teams need to design and inform the execution of successful trials.

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Medical Writing

Medical writers spend a tremendous amount of time developing drafts of documents. With AI-generated content, medical writers streamline the early drafting process allowing more time for fine-tuning content and quality control, enabling more productive development of regulatory documents.

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Medical Writing

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