Self-service discovery platform for data design, access, and analysis

Drug discovery research requires understanding complex chemical, biological, logistical, and computational data from a wide variety of data sources. A key challenge for discovery scientists is the ability to efficiently access the most relevant data from internal and external data sources, in a cohesive project data view.

D360™ is the industry-leading scientific data informatics platform used globally by over 6,000 discovery research scientists in small molecule and biologics discovery and pre-clinical safety.  It delivers self-service data access and an integrated analysis and visualization solution.

The result? Focus your R&D expertise on data understanding versus time-consuming tasks involved in assembling data from various sources.

For smaller pharmaceutical research organizations, D360™ Express is an out-of-the-box integrated solution that provides virtual compound capabilities, access, integration, analysis, and visualization to scientific data from multiple internal and external data sources.

D360 Version 20.5 just released
New Features

  • Biologics discovery research:  Sequence based clustering with respect to reference sequence and manual editing of sequence alignments
  • Data visualization:  Bullseye plot charting to illustrate visual clustering for chemical structures, biological sequences, and multi-parameter scoring
  • Use of web service data sources: Equivalent manner to database-based data sources
  • Improved data export to Word: Create tables for patent documentation
  • Scientific workflow enhancements
    • Ability to add calculated properties to forms
    • Specification of a widgetized query for use as a QuickSearch widget and/or a follow-on query
    • Capture of macros for form tables
    • Column matching on data import
Beyond Data Retrieval

Interactive data filtering, exploration, and visualizations provide built-in analysis and calculation of key parameters.

  • Compare experimental and calculated result profiles across groups of tested entities with histograms, bar, and box charts
  • Evaluate fitted dose-response curves from result parameters
  • Visualize how a substance has acted in all assays that it has been tested with the Bioprofile Summary Data View

“We need to be able to query, pivot and dive deep into our drug discovery data, and D360 is the best platform we have found for that,” said Dr. Keith Hornberger, Director, Chemistry at Arvinas. “Compared to our previous research informatics solution, D360 is saving us hundreds of hours annually on data analysis. That is an important contribution to our research.”

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Biologics Discovery

The D360 Biologics Discovery Toolkit enables medically-relevant sequence alignment and analysis for oligonucleotides, peptides, antibodies, and antibody-drug conjugates.

Enhanced functionality for sequence-activity relationships of biologics helps you optimize biologics modalities by deriving sequence activity relationships.

  • Understand the relationship between the composition of oligonucleotides and their biological profile.
  • Align and color-code peptide sequences and highlight areas of sequence differences
  • Identify the best candidates with the desirable property profile using a flexible scoring function that takes all relevant parameters into account
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Small Molecule Discovery

The D360 Small Molecule Discovery Toolkit provides embedded SAR Analysis and Molecular Design Tools, including R-group analysis, chemical series, and matched series analysis which can be leveraged for comprehensive design and analysis of small molecules.

Certara regularly holds D360 user group meetings that are very-well attended and received.  Here’s what our users say:

“I enjoyed the open attitude and willingness to share experience among all participants. Also, the organization of the meeting very much fostered this attitude. It was very nice to learn about the future plans for D360.”

“I liked meeting colleagues from different pharma to discuss openly workflows and other topics. It was great to have a chance to influence the development of D360.”

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D360 Platform Partners

Certara partners with the following organizations to provide comprehensive informatics systems for discovery research with out-of-the box integration or connectors:

  • CDD Vault
  • ChemAxon
  • Optibrium
  • Scilligence
  • Scinamic
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David Lowis, DPhil Executive Director, Science Informatics

For over 15 years, David has spearheaded the design and development of D360, expanding from small molecule discovery into biologics and pre-clinical research.  He is a subject matter expert for D360 deployments examining scientific data workflows for discovery, preclinical, clinical and translational science.

Dr. Fabian Rauscher Senior Informatics Consultant

Fabian has over a decade of experience in working with customers in the life science industry, providing consultancy services, training, and professional services in the areas of computational chemistry software and scientific data retrieval and analysis systems.

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