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Drug discovery software accelerates the drug discovery process by leveraging computational models and simulations to identify potential drug targets and prioritize lead compounds. By integrating diverse data sources and facilitating collaboration, drug discovery software enhances decision-making and knowledge sharing, improving the efficiency and success rate of drug discovery programs.

Certara solutions such as D360 are among the leading software products in the field of early stage drug development. It improves data utilization, allowing scientists to access and analyze the data they need more efficiently. The software streamlines workflows ultimately accelerating the drug discovery process and facilitating informed decision-making.

D360 Scientific Informatics Platform

Certara’s D360 software has a widespread global adoption, with over 6,000 research scientists from leading pharmaceutical companies and smaller organizations utilizing it. The scientific informatics platform aims to enhance data utilization and optimize the design-make-test-analyze cycles by offering a comprehensive solution. D360 efficiently handles various types of data, including small molecules, peptides, and biologics, simplifying workflows and queries for scientists to access the required data promptly, thereby accelerating the analysis of therapeutic candidates.

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