Phoenix PK/PD Modeling and Simulation Software

Phoenix extends the winning formula of WinNonlin by combining its trusted algorithms with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and the additional tools needed to support more advanced analysis, such as population PK/PD modeling with Phoenix NLME and in vitro-in vivo correlation with the IVIVC Toolkit.

The Phoenix Workbench leverages visual workflows to vastly increase the efficiency of analysis and reporting. Once a Phoenix workflow is developed and customized, it can easily be reused. Phoenix also includes tools for sophisticated data management, high quality table and figure generation, and a project-centric design to easily store, share and reuse completed Phoenix projects.

Phoenix is the leading PK/PD modeling and simulation software used worldwide by 6,000 researchers at biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and global regulatory agencies, including eleven divisions of the US FDA.


Phoenix 8.0:
Streamlined. Robust. Trusted.

Phoenix continues to set the gold standard in PK/PD software with innovative features that streamline analysis, save time, and provide regulatory agencies with transparency into the analytical process.
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Phoenix WinNonlin 8.0:
Enhanced NCA Engine with New Parameters

  • Calculate additional NCA parameters for plasma and urine to save time and for higher transparency
  • Compute user-defined parameters such as concentrations at any time point
  • Set criteria for the terminal slope calculation in NCA to ensure compliance with policies

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Phoenix Validation Suite 8.0:
New & Faster Validation Suite

  • Easily run the Phoenix 8.0 Validation Suite, now integrated within Phoenix
  • Expedite validation to under 30 minutes, saving significant time over other options
  • Immediately access validation results within Phoenix after execution

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Phoenix NLME 8.0:
Faster Runs & New Distributed Delay Function

  • Significantly reduce model run times via parallelizing jobs on remote compute platforms
  • Pair Phoenix NLME with Certara’s Compute Grid to accelerate model runs affordably
  • Use the distributed delay function to simplify coding model delays

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Phoenix Workbench:
New Features for Quality Control & Ease-of-use

  • Lock Phoenix workflows with a password to prevent changes and for quality control
  • Easily load and save object settings with one click
  • Activate licenses within Phoenix 8.0 without needing a separate application

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