Phoenix™ PK/PD Platform

The one software ecosystem to streamline your PK/PD data management and analysis

With all the tools you need in a single, interoperable platform, effortlessly share pre-clinical and clinical knowledge across your organization through secure and consistent workflows using Phoenix-based tools and 3rd-party applications.  

Phoenix WinNonlin is the first choice for non-compartmental analysis (NCA), toxicokinetic modeling, and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling by over 6,000 researchers at biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and 11 global regulatory agencies, including the US FDA, EMA, PMDA and more.


Accomplish more with the latest release of the Phoenix platform with:

  • Open-source plotting (RShiny ggquickEDA)
  • Built-in plot and Reporter upgrades
  • Phoenix NLME: Additional Visual Predictive Check features
  • Phoenix NLME: Phoenix Modeling Language updates (Distributed delay function)


Trust the de facto standard for NCA and PK/PD modeling

Phoenix WinNonlin easily automates repetitive analysis steps and is widely considered the industry standard for NCA, TK, and PK/PD modeling.

The Phoenix Platform also features population PK/PD (popPK) modeling with Phoenix NLME and Level A correlation via the Phoenix IVIVC Toolkit, Validation Suites provide fast and easy software validation in under 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the platform also includes tools for creating turnkey visualizations and submission-ready reporting.

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Trust the de facto standard for NCA and PK/PD modeling
Leverage compliant, integrated clinical pharmacology workflows

Leverage compliant, integrated clinical pharmacology workflows

Make better-informed drug development decisions and pass your audits with a clinical pharmacology workflow that provides security and traceable, reproducible data.

The Certara Integral Data Repository delivers an intuitive user interface for collecting, managing, and storing clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics data used for analysis, sharing, and reporting.

  • Make data-driven decisions earlier
  • Successfully pass audits by regulatory agencies
  • Be confident in the security of your data
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Automate creating the entire PK regulatory submission package

Creating CDISC domains is a time-consuming, error-prone, and complex task.

PK Submit allows you to create all necessary CDISC domains in minutes during the process of setting up and executing a noncompartmental analysis (NCA) in Phoenix WinNonlin.

This technology solution eliminates the need to become an expert in data management and electronic submissions.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) both require that CDISC study data standards be applied to preclinical and clinical data submitted electronically as part of a new drug application (NDA).

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Automate creating the entire PK regulatory submission package
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