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Life Science Specialized GenAI for Regulatory Writing

Reduce submission timelines by leveraging the power of AI and automation to streamline document production

Using the right technology enables Regulatory Writers to focus their time and effort on key analysisrelevant messaging, and compliant regulatory documents. Regulatory writing teams are under pressure to reduce submission timelines – while facing resource shortages to support these demands. CoAuthor™ provides transparency, consistency, and collaboration to allow regulatory writing teams to accelerate the drafting and submission of quality and compliant regulatory documents, reducing timelines.

CoAuthor Empowers Regulatory Writing Teams

The software can be used to generate patient narratives, clinical study reports, protocols, and other clinical documents.

Focus on data interpretation and key message development

Say the same thing, in the same way, each time and each place across many documents

Streamline key decision points

Focus on data interpretation and key message development

Increased output with reduced time and cost

Streamline your authoring and review process to meet expedited timelines 

Specialized Generative AI Accessed Directly in Microsoft Word

Generative AI is revolutionizing how regulatory writers approach the first draft of submissions. Leveraging the expertise of Certara.AI, CoAuthor features a specialized GPT to accelerate the drafting of documents. Delivered as a secure, organization-specific model, writers can confidently leverage generative AI without risk of data leakage or exposing their data to public tools. Understanding the needs for transparency and quality of GPT outputs, CoAuthor features a proprietary retrieval augmented generation (RAG) based architecture which significantly reduces hallucinations and provides referencing to source material for simplified QC of documents.

Format Less, Analyze More

Significant time and resources are wasted on data integration and formatting. CoAuthor’s suite of smart authoring tools allow you to spend less time formatting and more time interpreting your data.

  • Integrate data directly into a document to ensure consistency and traceability
  • Generate compliant e-templates which auto-populate content and metadata
  • Leverage Structured Content Authoring (SCA) to maximize content referencing and reuse
  • Automatically extract study attributes with AI Apply auto-styling to eliminate inconsistencies and build continuity throughout
  • Automate hyperlinking throughout to eliminate steps and allow writers to write

CoAuthor: The Generative AI-Enabled Regulatory Writing Platform

Certara’s CoAuthor™, Generative AI-Enabled Regulatory Writing Platform, provides transparency, consistency, and collaboration to allow regulatory writing teams to accelerate the drafting and submission of quality and compliant regulatory documents.

Transparent, Consistent Project Management

The submission lifecycle requires managing numerous data sources, document drafts, and settings. CoAuthor streamlines project administration to provide transparency and consistency throughout submission development

  • Enable consistent formatting and structured content authoring through a suite of over 275 eCTD templates along with the ability for uploading sponsor-created templates
  • Secure repository allows for the management of all relevant documents and datasets as well as tables, listings, and figures
  • Prompt library provides best practices for generative AI use for quality, desired outputs
  • User access controls ensures only credentialed individuals gain access to project data and document drafts

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