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Plexxikon Selects Certara’s D360 for Scientific Data Access and Analysis

D360 allows Plexxikon’s researchers to easily query and analyze biological assay and chemical registration data from a single dashboard.

ST. LOUIS, MO – December 5, 2012 – Certara™, a leading provider of software and scientific consulting services to improve productivity and decision-making from drug discovery through drug development, announced that Plexxikon selected Certara’s D360™ software solution for scientific data access and analysis after a thorough evaluation and comparison with several other systems.

After a rapid deployment phase, Scientists at Plexxikon are using D360 to generate integrated project data views and to mine structure activity relationships utilizing data from their existing chemical registration and biological assay databases, Isentris™ and Assay Explorer™.  D360 greatly improves researchers’ productivity by providing a single, integrated view of data from data sources such as relational data systems and web services. D360 has demonstrated that it saves several hours or days from each analysis and focuses scientists on utilizing the knowledge contained in the data.  D360 allows any user to create their own queries without the IT knowledge typically required of complex searches. D360 also supports collaboration by automating a complete search and analysis workflow and allowing it to be easily shared and reused with the user’s research team.

Uniquely, D360 provides alternate data views that support biologists’ workflows, allowing them to assess the quality of screening data before it is made available to the chemists.  Using D360, biologists can quickly QC and report their data to allow chemists to analyze the data and make project decisions, within the same system.

“We found D360 to be the ideal solution for Plexxikon because it is user friendly, flexible enough to support workflows for all our discovery scientists, and could readily be connected to our existing data sources.” said Phillip Kiboneka, Senior Director Lab Operations at Plexxikon. “Our users were able to start using D360 very quickly to view and analyze our data, without help from the IT team.  We now have a system that transforms, formats and visualizes data very easily.”

“D360 has enjoyed great success in the marketplace over the past twelve months, with multiple new customers deploying D360 to support both Discovery and Pre-Clinical scientists,” said James Hayden, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Certara.  “Several pharma and biotech companies have adopted D360 as their “data-out” solution because it uniquely allows users to build their own queries – regardless of the actual data source – and it can be deployed very rapidly.”

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