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Payment Pressures in U.S. Specialty: Status quo and outlook for future financing

Live webinar

To allow for the optimal positioning of your product, portfolio, or company, it is critical to understand the various forces that shape the US specialty access landscape. Certara’s teams have been tracking a wide range of critical market access developments in the US for over two decades. In this webinar, we will share some of the broader and more ubiquitous market trends we have recently uncovered.

Based on proprietary research with a panel of 31 payers representing over 198M lives, our experts will be looking at the increasing volume control over prescribed therapies by various payer types, present new data on tighter formularies and stricter utilization management, and current payer cost shifting strategies.

We will also be giving guidance on future policies, some of which offer a drastic redesign of the current landscape as we know it today.

Sign up today to learn about:

  • Major trends in US Specialty Pharmacy
  • Payers’ current and desired future implementation of utilization management such as Prior Authorization beyond the label, step edits, medical benefit exclusion, and others
  • What payers see as opportunities in managing specialty drug spending
  • The uptake of innovative financing mechanisms, such as subscription-based pricing and outcomes-based contracting for novel therapies

About Our Speakers

Maximilian Vargas, PhD, MBA
Sr. Director, US Access Strategy and Account Management

Maximilian Vargas, PhD MBA, is a Senior Director, US Access Strategy and Account Management within Certara’s Evidence and Access Group since 2012.  He brings both scientific training and experience in healthcare product development that are important for evidence-based value and access strategies for pipeline and marketed products. 

Leading a team of analysts and focusing on projects involving late stage, launch, and due diligence efforts, Max’s experience cuts across all major therapeutic areas and care settings with special emphasis on CV / metabolics, oncology, gene therapies, ophthalmology, GI, and dermatology.  Max and team have designed successful pricing and contracting strategies for products at launch and throughout the life cycle.  He also leads projects focusing on managed markets communications strategies. 

Barbara Pannone, PhD, Sr. Director, US Access Strategy

Barbara Pannone, PhD, is a Senior Director, US Access Strategy within Certara’s Evidence and Access Group.  She has been a member of the team since 2006 and brings experience as a research scientist plus strong analysis and communications skills.

Barbara is responsible for leading our team of analysts in the execution of key projects. Barbara has managed projects in a variety of therapeutic areas including rare diseases, oncology, cardiovascular disease, and acute care.  She has helped develop strategic conclusions and recommendations for various US and global market access assessments, pricing and reimbursement, and due diligence assessments. Barbara has special interests in rare diseases and developing market access strategies for products in early stages of development, and has expertise in moderating discussions with thought leaders and payers both in the US and EU.

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