Open source flexibility for population PK/PD modeling

R Speaks NLME (RsNLME) is a collection of R packages and companion RShiny apps that allow scientists to run models using the Certara NLME engine directly from the R command line. RsNLME provides turnkey workflows to efficiently build and run a wide range of population PK/PD models.

RsNLME is also accessible through Pirana, Certara’s modeling workbench.


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Ease of Use

  • RsNLME supports existing Phoenix WinNonlin™ and Phoenix NLME™ models and provides R tidyverse based syntax for model manipulation and execution.
  • It helps novice users advance their skills by teaching command line methods while allowing advanced users to fully leverage the power and flexibility of R in their pharmacometric workflows.
  • Includes fully developed R package educational user guides, training tutorials, and demonstration vignettes.
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Ease of Use
Flexible and Seamless Workflow

Flexible and Seamless Workflow

  • Provides unlimited flexibility by working seamlessly with open source R tools enabling users the option of working in a graphical user interface and command line.
  • Reduces time spent performing model translation.
  • Creates real-time configurable model output reports in Word enabled through modelResults and VPCResults user interfaces.
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