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Simcyp for Accelerating Polymer Drug Development

Tue, November 30th 2021
On-Demand Webinar

Video Coming Soon

November 30th, 4-5pm JST

How does Simcyp Biologics work?

By Felix Stader, Sr. Research Scientist, Res&Dev, Certara

In the session, we will look at the capabilities of the Simcyp Simulator to predict the pharmacokinetics of therapeutic proteins. The structure and the fundamental underlying assumptions of the model will be covered as well as different clearance pathways. A broad overview will be given about antibody-drug conjugate models, subcutaneous administration, the ability to predict therapeutic protein concentrations in special populations, exemplarily demonstrated for pediatrics, and finally, the ability to predict drug concentration in tumors.

Applications of Simcyp Biologics Models

By Kate Gill, Consultant and Scientific Advisor, Certara

In the session, we will discuss the Simcyp Biologics models’ most common applications. Specific examples of how Simcyp Biologics has been used in consultancy projects and in published studies will be showcased.