Best-in-class for predictive modeling

Built on best-in-class modelling, mathematics, simulation and Bayesian statistics, Certara’s Health Outcomes Performance Estimator (HOPE) platform allows for consideration of dynamic exposure and influence of risk factors in its predictions.  It is the industry’s first tool for building predictive models for real world effectiveness.

HOPE is based on Certara’s epidemiological framework factoring in all known and potential drivers of effectiveness. It models:

  • Complex interactions of disease characteristics
  • Population risk factors
  • Dynamic medication use patterns
  • Efficacy of the molecule

It translates clinical trial findings and population health knowledge into expected real world impact. It also considers dynamic exposure and the influence of risk factors in its predictions.

We turn your clinical trial findings and population health knowledge into expected real world impact, powered by the HOPE platform. Your organization aligns around reliable analytics and fact-based decision-making.

Delivering robust results at an unmatched speed
  • Joint simulation – Synthesize exposure, effectiveness drivers and outcomes from clinical trials and observational data sources
  • Rapid predictions – Estimate your real-world outcomes for any number of simulations
  • Visualization over time – Understand how exposure dynamics and other drivers of effectiveness influence outcomes in any user-defined virtual cohort
  • Strategic adaptability – Effortlessly compare a range of scenarios once a situation is specified
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Decision analytics for outcomes-based contracting

Payers and reimbursement authorities are urging the adoption of performance-based contracting. What if you could identify the sources and quantify the impact of uncertainty around outcomes-based agreements?

Certara’s proprietary HOPE technology enables us to:

  • Test complex scenarios to optimize your plan design and inform payer negotiations and contracting
  • Understand what outcome, comparator and time horizon to select
  • Define the best methods to measure performance and opt for the most appropriate payment models
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