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A large part of the research and development for this company is carried out in collaboration with contract research laboratories. It controls the outsourced research, such as some of the population-based kinetics. To do this, the researchers rely on Phoenix software. The startup’s scientists have worked with Phoenix in the past at other companies and know the software as the de facto standard in pharmacokinetic /pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis. The challenge in using Phoenix was the fact that the company has an IT policy to use only Mac computers.

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The Solution

First, IT looked at options where Phoenix could have been used in virtual environments. Primarily due to safety concerns, this approach was discarded. When the stakeholders learned about Phoenix Hosted and how it is a convenient and secure way to run the program on Mac machines, they decided to implement this solution.

The main advantage of Phoenix Hosted for this company is that the cloud-based variant allows the team to use the software where it was not possible with the company’s actual technical infrastructure. Scientists have found
that the performance in Phoenix Hosted is significantly better than in the desktop variant. And features like the job management system for remote processing of workflow objects will save scientists a lot of time in the future allowing them to focus on other tasks to accelerate the development of treatments against cancer.

Phoenix Hosted gives us the ability to keep the entire team up to date with the latest version of Phoenix. Since we can use the cloud version on our company’s Mac machines, our IT doesn’t have to worry about complicated extra solutions for the research team.

- Head of Quality Pharmacology, Biotech Startup Company

About Phoenix Hosted

Phoenix Hosted combines the gold-standard Phoenix platform and the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Integral repository for an end-to-end PK/PD validated SaaS offering directly in the cloud.

The solution provides a secured and validated Certara AWS workspace allowing for much quicker transit time from compliant data sources. It enhances productivity and supports compliance requirements by
managing complex time-based data, the foundation for all PK/PD modeling.

Key features of Phoenix Hosted:
• Secured and validated AWS workspace
• Provides the ability to efficiently organize PK data
• Enables search and visualization of data
• Usable both by Windows and Mac platforms
• Software validation provided as a service by Certara

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