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Dr Trevor Johnson is Principal Scientist and deputy head of Systems Pharmacology at Certara. He obtained his Ph.D. in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Sheffield in 2001. Following a post doc in population pharmacokinetics again at the University of Sheffield, he then moved to Simcyp Limited in 2003 as Senior Scientist responsible for special populations (disease models, ethnicity and pediatrics). He has led the development of Simcyp pediatric software designed to predict dose, drug-concentration time profiles and likely drug response from birth onwards. His current areas of research focus on pediatric oral drug absorption & biologics, ontogeny of transporters and also special populations particularly hepatic impairment. He has over 50 research publications and 7 book contributions in the areas of pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, pediatric drug therapy and hospital Pharmacy.

Recent Posts

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Predicting Variations in Drug Clearance in Obese Patients Using Modeling and Simulation

Many physiological changes are associated with obesity and can potentially impact pharmacokinetics (PK). This can require adjustments to be made to the standard doses for normal weight patients in order to ensure safety and efficacy of drug therapy. Dosing of specific drugs in this population is dependent on their physico-chemistry as well as changes in body […]

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Assessing the Impact of Liver or Kidney Disease on Pharmacokinetics

Impaired hepatic or renal function can have a major impact on pharmacokinetics. There is a high risk of adverse events in patients with these conditions. Major pharmaceutical companies and drug regulatory agencies use physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling in virtual populations to investigate the impact of hepatic or renal impairment on drug exposure as a supplement to […]

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