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Author: Shuhua Hu

Dr. Shuhua Hu is a senior research scientist in the scientific group at Certara. Before she joined Certara, she had worked at North Carolina State University for ten years with a research focus on mathematical modeling, simulation, estimation, optimal control, and uncertainty propagation and quantification in the area of biomedicine and engineering. She has published over thirty peer-review journal publications and a book “Modeling and Inverse Problems in the Presence of Uncertainty”.

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Modeling Delayed Outcomes in PK/PD Studies Using DDEs

Modeling Delayed Outcomes in PK/PD Studies Using DDEs

Delays are ubiquitous in pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) studies. Transit compartment models, described by systems of ordinary differential equations, have been widely used to describe delayed outcomes in PK and PD studies. The obvious disadvantage for this type of model is it requires manually finding proper values for the number of compartments. In addition, […]

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