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Author: Lora Killian

Lora Killian, Director of Transparency and Disclosure, has over 12 years of pharmaceutical and business operations experience. She is responsible for the development and oversight of Synchrogenix’s entire suite of transparency services which includes anonymization, clinical trial disclosure, and lay language summary development. Ms. Killian has played an integral role consulting with sponsors in the development of company-specific transparency policies to address the latest wave of regulation arising out of the EU and the US.

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EMA Policy 0070 Compliance Tips from James Bond

In many ways, the strategic planning required to comply with EMA Policy 0070―a requirement to publish anonymized versions of clinical study reports (CSRs) and other submission documents―is similar to a secret agent’s mission: sponsors must keep the identities of people named or referred to in those documents top-secret while maintaining the document’s clinical utility. In […]

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Streamline Your Approach to EMA Policy 0070

Policy 0070― published by the European Medical Agency (EMA) in October 2014― has made the world of regulatory writing a more complicated place. The policy requires specified submission documents to be made public for all marketing authorization applications (MAA’s) submitted as of January 1, 2015 and for all indication extensions and line extensions submitted as […]

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Best Practices for Complying with EMA Policy 70

EMA Policy 70 requires sponsors to publish anonymized versions of clinical study reports (CSRs) and submission documents submitted in support of a marketing authorization application (MAA) after January 1, 2015. Sponsors must prevent re-identification of people named or referred to in those documents. In March 2016, the detailed guidance document was published. This blog post […]

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