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Author: Karen Rowland Yeo

Karen Rowland Yeo is a Vice President of PBPK consultancy services at Certara. Since 2002, Dr. Rowland Yeo has supervised a team of senior scientists who have been involved in projects relating to the extrapolation of in vitro data to predict in vivo pharmacokinetics in humans. This has included development and implementation of the models into the Simcyp Simulator which links the processes of drug discovery and development using simulations in virtual patient populations. During the past five years, she has been heavily involved in consultancy projects relating to application of the Simcyp Simulator within the pharmaceutical industry. Her specific research interests include physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling and prediction of drug-drug interactions. Rowland Yeo has been the author/co-author of over 40 peer-reviewed articles. She received her BSc Honors degree in physics at the University of Natal in South Africa in 1989 and her PhD in drug metabolism from the University of Sheffield in 1995.

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Modeling and Simulation Guides Dosing for a New Anti-psychotic Drug

Drug development is becoming more complex than ever. Regulatory agencies expect sponsors to consider a wide variety of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that could impact drug safety and efficacy. These factors include intrinsic variability― CYP metabolizer status, age, sex, renal/hepatic impairment― as well as external variables― co-medications, food effects, smoker status, etc. Clinical trials alone […]

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