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Author: Devendra Pade

Devendra Pade is a Research Scientist in Certara's modelling and simulation group. He received his PhD in the Prediction of Oral Drug Absorption and Pre-Clinical Pharmacokinetics with the Stavchansky group from The University of Texas at Austin. Since joining Simcyp in 2009, he has worked on various projects in PBPK modelling with a major interest in oral drug absorption and development of animal PBPK models for preclinical species such as rat, beagle dog, mouse and cynomolgus monkey. As part of the oral absorption team, he was also involved with the development of the bariatric surgery models to evaluate the impact of various weight loss surgeries on the pharmacokinetics of different drugs.

Recent Posts

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Precision Dosing Using PBPK Modeling

With the discovery of newer drugs, the “one-size-fits-all” approach towards therapy is becoming a thing of the past. The new paradigm of precision medicine aims at delivering the right treatment at the right time to the right patients. An integral part of precision medicine is administration of a precise dose, which is a critical step […]

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The Best Meds for Man’s Best Friend: PBPK Models for Animal Health

When people find out that you’re working to improve drug development for companion animals, you hear some colorful stories. The other day, one of my colleagues recounted to me the wild antics of Jinjer, her childhood dog. Jinjer was a 60 pound, fawn boxer, with a tiny stump of a tail, who loved everyone. This […]

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