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Advancing your program with agility and efficiency

With uncertainties, risks and interdependencies, drug development programs are very challenging to project manage.  It takes considerable skill, knowledge, and cross-functional expertise to align activities and move in lockstep toward your project goal.

Certara’s Project Managers and Coordinators plan, organize and manage resources efficiently, successfully achieving project goals. We provide project management outsourcing support for your function or department.  Our team offers end-to-end project management expertise and excellence in both early and late-stage drug development programs.

For many clients, we provide full support with both project management and drug program stewardship.

Expert project management to run your program with precision

Our project managers partner closely with your team to clearly define objectives, roles and responsibilities and maintain accountability.  We believe it is also critical to facilitate open communication among all stakeholders.  The project manager is the central hub of the project.  We integrate everything together into a cohesive plan and help to execute, ensuring that details are taken care of, and the project progresses in lockstep.

  • Plan, develop, and monitor project timelines
  • Optimize business processes and resources
  • Provide budget oversight and management
  • Manage and coordinate
    • Scope and sequence
    • Vendors and CROs
    • Communications
    • Meetings
    • Risks
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Expert project management to run your program with precision
Jessie Colandino
Jessie Colandino Director, Project Management

Since 2017, Jessie has led the development and expansion of Certara’s Integrated Drug Development global project management team.  Jessie previously was Project Manager for a leading CDMO, managing client-based drug development teams and programs and also led Lean Six Sigma transformations and continuous improvement initiatives for Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Xavier Merit, PhD, PMP Senior Project Manager

Xavier joined Certara’s Integrated Drug Development as Sr Project Manager in 2021. Xavier had held senior positions in major Pharmaceutical and CROs for over more than 25 years.  Previously, Xavier successfully strategized EMA and APAC MAA filings of a House Dust Mites allergy therapy.  Areas of expertise include Global Project Management Office, Global Clinical Operations, Processes and Systems Improvement, Global Resource Management, Portfolio Management and Metrics & Reporting.

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