About Our Consulting Services

Why Partner with our Drug Development, Regulatory, and Clinical Pharmacology Experts?

Committed to scientific, regulatory, and commercial advancement, Certara creates impactful solutions facing the biopharm industry today—speed and cost. The largest and most comprehensive provider of strategic drug development, modeling and simulation, and regulatory science services, Certara partners with you to optimize drug development and patient access decisions. We are dedicated to helping our clients develop new therapies and target unmet medical needs, expand the benefits of existing therapies to other populations, communicate scientific information in the language of regulatory success, balance risk profiles, differentiate drugs from a competitive perspective, and unlock millions in R&D savings.


Our staff includes hundreds of PhD, PharmD, and MD scientists and regulatory specialists, working on key drug development projects for biopharmaceutical companies, globally. With each engagement, we provide the data-driven and regulatory science backbone with regard to a drug’s safety, efficacy, risk/benefit, and comparative effectiveness to increase your probability of regulatory and commercial success.

Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve regulatory and commercial milestones while bringing safer and more effective medicines to patients.