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The team encountered the challenge of educating payers about the value of the product, particularly as the drug indication was not recognized as a formal disease stage in cancer. They needed to develop a strong value story around this disease stage, emphasizing the risk of metastases in these patients and the need for an efficacious intervention.

The value story needed to highlight the benefits of delaying metastases for patients and the healthcare system, along with presenting the safety profile and efficacy evidence. Additionally, the economic benefit of delaying metastases for the LATAM healthcare systems needed to be determined, requiring the quantification of the cost of treating patients with this type of metastatic cancer in Latin America.

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With an integrated Certara Evidence & Access and BaseCase workflow, the market access team was able to reduce their administrative workload and focus on developing a value story tool with an integrated Budget Impact Calculator.

The client’s team overcame these challenges by partnering with Certara Evidence & Access to conduct a literature search and develop an interactive Budget Impact Model (BIM) to demonstrate the drug’s value to each health maintenance organization (HMO) in the region. By utilizing BaseCase value communication technology, the team was able to create a flexible, interactive value story that could be adapted for each LATAM country, avoiding duplication of efforts. This allowed for consistent value story delivery throughout the region and streamlined internal administrative processes, saving time and resources. The development of robust materials and internal training material improved discussions with payers and internal field teams, facilitating the drug’s successful launch in Latin America.

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The client can now develop a value story with less effort, due to the integrated country adaptation process, which enabled them to utilize efforts made on the regional level. In addition to this, they have noticed an improvement in the completeness of value story information and relevant data. As local teams previously created their own materials for payer engagement, some relevant pieces of the value story and data were missing from the client-facing material. This issue no longer exists with the client’s cancer drug value communication tool powered by BaseCase technology. They have access to a core value story developed for the entire region, and presented value messages, endpoints, and prevalence data are consistent. After the tool was rolled out, the Argentinian team sought to adapt the tool for their local market. In the next period, the client expects the rest of LATAM countries to follow.

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