Clinical Pharmacology Strategy

Do Rigorous Science, Benefit the Patients & Have Fun: Insights from Regulatory Expert Eva Berglund

Suzanne Minton

Drug development is a global enterprise. One of the great things about working at Certara is the ability to learn from fantastic colleagues living around the world. My Swedish colleague, Dr. Eva Berglund, is a clinical pharmacologist who is now a Senior Director of Regulatory Strategy at Certara after spending a long and distinguished career […]

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Topics: Clinical Pharmacology Strategy, PBPK Modeling & Simulation

Optimize Immuno-oncology Drug Discovery and Development Using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

Piet van der Graaf and Andrzej Kierzek

Immuno-oncology – The Breakthrough in Cancer Therapeutics Cancer immuno-oncology (IO) uses the body’s natural defenses to combat cancer. These therapies stimulate an individual’s immune system and restore its ability to identify and destroy cancer cells. Anti-cancer immune responses are often inhibited during the spread of cancer. Ultimately, IO therapy expedites long term responses against cancer […]

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Topics: Systems Pharmacology