Impactful science from bench to market
To help you navigate the complex US access landscape, our consultants specialize in scientific value story development, pro-active policy and payer engagement, as well as multi-faceted go-to-market and distribution strategies.

We spur your success in the US Managed Markets, driving impactful science with real world evidence analytics, payer strategy, and the right commercial pull-through.

What sets the Certara approach apart from others? Our focus on value demonstration and evidence development is driven by your product’s real world impact, not its clinical trial results. Our offering stands out as a unique marriage of analytics on the data in real world settings with proven payer strategy on how to best use that evidence for reimbursement success.

Early value assessment and due diligence

Certara works with healthcare innovators to strategically optimize market value in the context of financing or partnering deals.  We perform an independent validation of the target to inform the investment decision that gives clear guidance on the magnitude and sustainability of future value creation.

The engagement typically encompasses a rigorous:

  • Study of market dynamics, opportunities and risks
  • Competitive benchmarking under various scenarios
  • Validation of commercialization plans and revenue/ EBIDTA/ cashflow forecasts
  • Audit of target’s operational capabilities with respect to market entry
  • Review of product placement, pricing, evidence generation and market access
  • Integration of go-forward value enhancement options, upside opportunities under product life-cycle considerations
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Pricing Research and Contracting Strategy

Our research quantifies the value placed on key elements, share of preference and optimal price, and our models simulate how these values change under different market and access scenarios.

Our unique platforms help you move performance contracts beyond pilots through decision-analytics and strategic scale. Get guidance on developing innovative and outcomes-based agreements

Examples of our innovative contracting projects:

  • Assessment of financial impact of innovative contracting schemes for a multiple myeloma treatment
  • Simulation of outcomes of 15 performance plans across multiple disease areas for a leading Pharma Company
  • Evaluation of new price structures and financial risk-sharing scenarios for a treatment in multiple solid tumors
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Value frameworks and ICER assessments

Demands on the certainty of real world performance are increasing among all stakeholders, spurring a trend to employ structured frameworks to assess clinical and economic value of therapies.

Our teams excel at evidence generation and modelling which is becoming increasingly important for US stakeholders. We conduct all types of economic and disease modeling, as well as very advanced Bayesian decision-modeling.

Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER)
We also investigate value frameworks as tools to support a multi-dimensional assessment of technologies supporting transparent and participatory deliberations and decision making.

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