Accelerate your Drug Discovery Research D360 and Design Hub Integration

Drug discovery research is laden with manual processes with a myriad of tools that can slow you down based on lack of integrations and ability to work seamlessly together.  Focus on the science by investing in an integrated solution to streamline, remove errors and scale your process.

Together, D360 from Certara and Design Hub from Chemaxon accelerate your drug discovery research by integrating data access, analysis and compound design workflows to provide best of breed capabilities that deliver seamless data-driven design and research tracking for small molecules and biologics.

Leading biopharmaceutical companies use D360 and Design Hub to focus on the science by:

  • Digitalizing the drug discovery Design-Make-Test-Analyze cycle
  • Shortening time to right decision on data query and visualization
  • Turning scientific hypotheses into designs and candidate compounds
  • Prioritizing and monitoring designs through Make and Test phases


How D360 and Design Hub integration works:

D360 and Design Hub integration cycle

Analyze: Analyze discovery project data to develop SAR using D360’s data access and analysis capabilities.

Design: Develop scientific hypotheses for improving compound bio profile using D360. Seamlessly send information and virtual compounds to Design Hub from D360. Capture, prioritize and track hypotheses and candidate compounds through Design Hub.

Make: Track the progress of candidate compound synthesis with Design Hub.

Test: Track the progress of design goals with Design Hub.

Repeat process with D360 data analysis

Better together to advance your discovery research!

Certara and Chemaxon have a long-term partnership in providing scientists advanced scientific tools that work together to support real-world research.

  • Chemaxon’s Design Hub is a compound design platform that connects scientific hypotheses, candidate compound selection, computational capabilities and design tracking.
  • Certara’s D360 provides self-service data access with general and substance-specific analytic capabilities to support data-driven research teams.

Our dedicated science teams have worked to deliver seamless user workflows from data access through analytics to compound design to the prioritization and tracking of designs by integrating D360 with Design Hub. In doing this, our customers can eliminate manual work and make fewer sub-optimal decisions, ultimately enabling them to accelerate their process and make it more consistent.

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Better together to advance your discovery research!
Our Experts
David Lowis
David Lowis, DPhil Executive Director, Science Informatics

For over 15 years, David has spearheaded the design and development of D360, expanding from small molecule discovery into biologics and pre-clinical research.  He is a subject matter expert for D360 deployments examining scientific data workflows for discovery, preclinical, clinical and translational science.

Andras Stracz
Andras Stracz Computer Scientist

Andras is a computer scientist who joined ChemAxon in 2009. Since then he worked on advancing Chemaxon’s web-based products such as Chemicalize or the early versions of Plexus Design. In the last few years he has been the product manager of Design Hub.

Fabian Rauscher
Dr. Fabian Rauscher Scientific Informatics Manager, Europe

Fabian has over a decade of experience in working with customers in the life science industry, providing consultancy services, training, and professional services in the areas of computational chemistry software and scientific data retrieval and analysis systems.

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