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Essentials of Model-informed Drug Development (MIDD) – Top-down vs. Bottom-up Approaches

How can the latest modeling and simulation technologies accelerate drug discovery and development? We frequently receive questions about why model-informed drug development (MIDD) is so critical to informing the development of safer and more effective new drugs? Indeed, all drug discovery and development today involves some level of MIDD, a term that encompasses a large … Continued


Certara Announces New Clinical Science Group and Adds Senior Scientific Experts

Multi-Disciplinary Expansion and New Appointments Grow Capacity and Capabilities PRINCETON, N.J.— September 22, 2021. Certara, a global leader in biosimulation, today announced that it is expanding its Integrated Drug Development (IDD) division with a new clinical science group, headed up by Philippa Marshall, M.D., Vice President of Clinical Science.  The Company also appointed David Mitchell, … Continued

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