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D360 as your organization’s extendable and central data engine

Live webinar

D360 is an industry-leading scientific data informatics platform providing a flexible, scalable, and customizable enterprise data integration solution. In addition to its versatile desktop-application used by thousands of medicinal chemists, D360 enables building custom workflows and applications based on D360’s powerful data access capabilities. In this webinar, Certara expert Essi Koskela will review D360’s self-service query building and provide examples of flexible data transfer between D360 and external applications powered by D360’s REST API. Through the REST API, D360 provides programmatic and controlled access to harmonized data for data scientist to use in their workflows and model development. Agile access to data through D360 promotes collaboration between medicinal chemists and data scientist, powering the implementation of modern machine learning and AI-based workflows into your organizations drug discovery process.


  1. Introduction to D360 and its REST API
  2. Overview of the query self-service
  3. Machine learning workflow from and to D360
  4. Custom visualization and dashboards
  5. Summary and Q&A

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