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Certara’s Simcyp Discovery Demo

We are pleased to announce a new tool, Simcyp Discovery Simulator to increase confidence in decision-making during the pre-IND and translational drug discovery and development stages.

Simcyp Discovery is an intuitive physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) software for small molecules, derived from the industry-standard and regulatory-adopted Simcyp Simulator.

View this software demo by Dr. Hannah Jones to learn about how Simcyp Discovery provides first-in-human PK prediction and its other use cases:

  • Delivers early PK, PD and most importantly, a mechanistic first-in-human PK prediction
  • Guides decisions regarding the optimal laboratory objectives for a chemical series
  • Supports high throughput screening for rapid batch processing of results to triage the best drug candidates
  • Includes a static DDI calculator that flags victim and perpetrator DDI liability against regulatory guidelines, from the FDA, EMA and PMDA
  • Helps strengthen work in early formulation screening
  • Enables the prediction of exposure in tox studies
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