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Stakeholder perspectives: current and potential benefits

Amongst the real world data sources in Europe, the French Healthcare database SNDS is the largest and potentially the most comprehensive healthcare data resource, covering ~65 million lives, more than 99% of the French population and about 10% of Europe.

Watch this short video by Nadia Quignot, Director, Decision Analytics & Real World Evidence at Certara to learn about stakeholder perspectives: current and potential benefits to patients, medical practices, health systems and pharmaceutical/biotech companies.

About Our Speaker

Nadia Quignot is Director, Real World Data solutions & Data analytics at Certara. Over the last >12 years, Nadia has worked on the development of methods to inform risk and benefit/risk assessment and has coordinated a range of (real world) data analytics projects, for European bodies and pharma companies. As a safety scientist at Roche Pharma, she was in charge of risk and benefit/risk evaluations for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs. In the R&D projects she conducted for European bodies, she was particularly involved in hazard characterization of drugs, pesticides and other food-related and environmental contaminants.