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De-risk your program with evidence-based secondary pharmacology insights

July 13, 2021
On-Demand Webinar
YouTube video

Safety issues account for about a quarter of the attrition in drug projects and can arise from either the primary or secondary pharmacology. To address secondary pharmacology, researchers typically screen their small molecule compounds against a broad panel of off-target receptors. The challenge is in interpreting the readouts to understand which receptor interactions will contribute to potential adverse effects in clinical development and post-marketing. This suffers from being opinion-based rather than evidence-based, and may not be applied consistently across projects, or over time, or among individuals.

Secondary Intelligence™ software is the only application of its kind that manages and visualizes secondary pharmacology readouts, provides information (including mechanistic information) on potential adverse effects and assesses the likelihood of them occurring.

In this webinar, Dr. Will Redfern will discuss:

  • The depth of scientific knowledge, expert data curation and analysis embedded in the software
  • How to use ranking of the likelihood of off-target interaction to make critical decisions on which compounds to progress, modify or further investigate
  • Use cases for Secondary Intelligence™ software

Will Redfern, PhD

Vice President, Quantitative Systems Toxicology and Safety

Will leads the QSTS team to apply computational approaches to assess the safety of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals.  He is an experienced safety pharmacologist, having worked at Syntex, Quintiles, and AstraZeneca.  He is a former President of the Safety Pharmacology Society.