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ASCPT 2024 Annual Meeting

ASCPT 2024 Annual Meeting

Is Pharmacogenetic Testing a Vital Tool for Enhancing Therapeutic Management of Patients Worldwide?

CHAIR: Piet van der Graaf, PhD, PharmD


Senior Vice President and Head of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

Transporter Research for Global Outreach: Unleashing the Power of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Sibylle Neuhoff, PhD


Sr. Principal Scientist and Deputy Head of Translational Science

Certara CDDS Lunch & Learn @ ASCPT ‘24: Bespoke Comprehensive Cardiac Safety Support at Certara and Recent Experience with C-QTc modeling in Special Populations

Certara will provide an overview of available Cardiac Assessment support, highlighting a comprehensive range of expertise from a team of clinical pharmacologists and pharmacometricians along an with experienced toxicologist and a cardiologist. A range of offerings are available ranging from QTc assessment and waiver strategies to modeling offerings that can be customized to development milestones, ranging from concentration (C)-QTc feasibility, exploratory C-QTc analysis to full C-QTc analysis suitable to support Regulatory submissions. In addition, broader support available for Healthy Authority Submissions and Communications, with recent experience with integrated assessment of both nonclinical and clinical cardiac safety data will be shared, as well as recent experience, including C-QTc modeling in special populations.

  1. Amy Cheung, PhD, Vice President, Certara Drug Development Solutions
  2. Mark Shelton,  PharmD, Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology, Certara Drug Development Solutions

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential via Volunteering and Networking within ASCPT: A Journey of Growth

Karen Rowland Yeo, PhD


Senior Vice President, Client & Regulatory Strategy

Wheel of (Mis)Fortune: Global Partnerships to Tackle Pediatric Infectious Diseases

CHAIR: Amy Cheung, PhD


Vice President, Certara Drug Development Solutions

Expanding Regulatory Science: Regulatory Complementarity & Reliance

David Wesche, MD, PhD


Vice President Clinical Pharmacology

Certara QSP Lunch & Learn @ ASCPT ‘24: QSP-Enabled FIH Study in Oncology: Saving Clinical Development and Patient Time

The vision for the industrialization of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP)
  • QSP: A mechanistic modeling approach aiding research groups in de-risking and bolstering confidence in therapeutic development decisions.
  • Certara’s acquisition of Applied BioMath aims to industrialize QSP for broader adoption and impact in therapeutic R&D.
Impact and ROI of QSP Adoption at Scale
  • Demonstrating a pipeline example showcasing QSP’s potential for approximately 10x ROI, with the capacity for 100x ROI across large portfolios.
Case Studies for novel modalities
  • Real-world examples illustrating the tangible impact of QSP on first-in-man study design.
Piet van der Graaf, SVP & Head of QSP at Certara
John Burke, Co-Founder, President and CEO at Applied BioMath
Fei Hua, VP Modeling and Simulation Services at Applied BioMath

When AI Meets Drug Development

Mark Sale, MD


Vice President, IDD

Certara Poster Presenters

  • Bryan Holland, PhD
  • Udoamaka Ezuruike, PhD
  • Lisa Almond, PhD
  • Xian Pan, PhD
  • Kimiko McGirr, PhD