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Value Focused Development

When we are engaged in conversations about developing medicines, how often do you hear language thrown around such as “capturing the value,” “fast to the next value inflection point,” or words to this effect? Drug development is a complex and risky business where remuneration for value creation occurs, by analogy, by passing the baton from […]

Author(s): Leigh Farrell
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Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology Approaches for the Development of Oncology Drugs

Modeling and simulation of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination (ADME) of a drug, using a mechanistic approach, can help to predict the potential exposure of a drug at a given dose in the population of interest. The development of in vitro – in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) relating to ADME to predict pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters […]

Speaker(s): Karen Rowland Yeo
Solution: Drug Development & Regulatory Strategy, Model-informed Drug Development, PBPK Modeling & Simulation
Therapeutic Area: Oncology/Hematology
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