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Certara Creates Preeminent Global Strategic Modeling and Simulation Consultancy

New Entity Combines Certara’s Leading Model-based Drug Development Business with Scientific Powerhouse, Quantitative Solutions PRINCETON, NJ – July 8, 2015 – Certara®, the global biosimulation technology-enabled drug development company, today announced the merger of its consulting group, Pharsight Consulting Services (PCS), with Quantitative Solutions, a global pharmacometrics consulting company headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif. This […]

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Pharmacology to Payer: One Quantitative Drug Development Framework to Rule Them All

In JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the power of the one ring forged by the evil sorcerer, Sauron, is used to control all of the disaggregated, independent kingdoms of Middle Earth. Similarly, but without the malice, the “pharmacology to the payer” (P2P) quantitative framework can be viewed as a way to unite and connect […]

Author(s): Craig Rayner
Solution: Clinical Pharmacology Strategy
Therapeutic Area: Infectious Disease
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Certara Acquires Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Consultancy, XenologiQ

PRINCETON, NJ – Dec. 1, 2015 – Certara®, the global biosimulation technology-enabled drug development company, today announced that it has acquired XenologiQ, a UK-based quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) consultancy. “This transaction strengthens Certara’s modeling and simulation capabilities, increases its leadership in mechanistic pharmacology, and supports the company’s precision medicine vision,” said Certara Chief Executive Officer […]

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Immunotherapy in Oncology

One of the biggest recent advances in cancer therapy has been the arrival of novel immunotherapies, such as anti-PD1 antibodies, which have demonstrated remarkable efficacy in multiple tumor types. In many instances supported by the ‘Breakthrough’ status granted by the FDA, many pharmaceutical companies are making huge efforts to bring these promising treatments to cancer […]

Speaker(s): Rik de Greef
Solution: Biosimulation, PK/PD Modeling & Simulation
Therapeutic Area: Oncology/Hematology
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Model-based Meta-analysis: An Innovative Methodology Comes of Age

MBMA integrates internal and external drug development data to inform proprietary commercial and R&D decisions. The insights gained via MBMA support designing less costly and more precise trials with an eye toward achieving commercial success for both the drug and portfolio.

Solution: Model-based Meta-analysis, PK/PD Modeling & Simulation
Therapeutic Area: Cardiovascular
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Certara Launches First Global Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Consortium

PRINCETON, NJ – Jan. 25, 2017 – Certara today announced that it is launching a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Immunogenicity Consortium. Modeled after Certara’s highly successful Simcyp Consortium, the QSP Immunogenicity Consortium brings together leading biopharmaceutical companies in a pre-competitive environment to cooperatively develop an Immunogenicity Simulator.

Solution: Systems Pharmacology
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