Empower your medical writers to create high-quality patient safety narratives efficiently and consistently

Certara’s Synchrogenix™ Writer is designed specifically to assist your medical writers in creating patient safety narratives through an easy-to-use interface that streamlines writing deliverables through automation, reusability, and advanced technology. Unlike traditional methods of manually writing patient narratives, the cloud-hosted and validated regulatory software:

Reduce time to completion while providing consistency across your batches of patient narratives

Managing your patient narrative projects with moving timelines is challenging, especially given the complexities that go into preparing your data for use. With the patient narrative building features in Synchrogenix™ Writer, you can manage thousands of patient narratives to full completion, including incorporation of review feedback, in a fraction of the time.

  • Create custom project templates with ease
  • Re-use patient narrative sections and/or templates from previous projects
  • Apply datasets to your projects and preview that patient’s data populated in your template sections in real-time during development
  • Eliminate the need to rely on programmed patient listings as sources for patient narratives
  • Work directly from your data to ensure written patient narratives match the data’s narrative
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Medical writing testimonials that speak for themselves

“You would not be able to tell forty different writers were authoring these. It looked as though one person was writing them! The writers wrote a streamlined and visually-cohesive and consistent story that made reviewing the large set by only a few reviewers extremely efficient. This software is extremely valuable.”

– Associate Director, Medical Writing, Leading biotechnology company

“The fact we could produce the first drafts so quickly was a key benefit for our timeline. And the fact that the quality control review was built in was an additional factor that contributed significantly to meeting our timeline goal.”

– Editor, Medical Writing, Leading biotechnology company

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Providing you flexibility to meet your patient safety narrative and medical writing needs

For added flexibility, Certara’s expert medical writers are trained using Synchrogenix Writer. As your organization encounters peak workloads, our medical writers can support you as needed. This means Certara is uniquely positioned to provide you the flexibility to license Synchrogenix Writer, utilize our expert medical writers, or a combination of the two to meet your patient safety narrative and medical writing needs.

  • Certara’s expert medical writers can guarantee consistency, while working with a hefty team, in a large patient narrative submission with Synchrogenix Writer
  • Templates can be developed/tested with pre-database lock data with no additional work required using post-database lock data
  • Gain speed, quality, and standardization across your patient narrative set
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Our Experts:
Trevor Standish
Trevor Standish Associate Director, Product Management

Trevor brings vast experience in developing product strategy, roadmaps, and requirements with cross-functional teams to launch successful software products. He has spent the last decade creating and managing disruptive technologies in finance, marketing, and pharma. His focus on collaboration between customer and company aligns incentives delivering successful results.

Gabriella Mangino
Gabriella Mangino Product Manager, Synchrogenix

Gabriella Mangino has years of patient narrative production and project lead experience in the pharmaceutical industry. As a Product Manager at Synchrogenix, Ms. Mangino works with the commercial and services groups to help develop and improve the software that supports our technology-enabled authoring capabilities.

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