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Learn How to Revolutionize Your Medical Writing Processes

August 25, 2022
On-Demand Webinar
YouTube video

Revolutionize the work of your writing teams with Synchrogenix™ Writer. Certara’s software is a purpose-built writing tool designed by writers for writers that encompasses organization, collaboration, and automation to generate your regulatory documents. Unlike traditional word processing software to write reports, this cloud-hosted and validated regulatory software allows you to measurably streamline your processes.

In this webinar you’ll learn how Synchrogenix Writer™ enables companies to gain productivity and efficiency in the medical writing process. Our expert Trevor Standish will go over the product and focus on features designed to automate one of the most laborious documents to write – patient safety narratives.

Webinar Agenda:

• Introduction and demo
• Best practices for adoption and scale
• Important metrics to consider and track