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Learn why Phoenix is the industry gold standard for PK/PD analysis

May 12, 2022
On-Demand Webinar

Performing individual and population PK/PD analyses requires knowledge and experience with multiple tools to meet desired analysis outcomes within a timely manner. With Certara’s Phoenix Platform, you can provide your scientists the tools they need to efficiently perform PK/PD modeling and simulation to support your drug research and development.

During this webinar, we’ll be discussing the benefits of two Phoenix solutions to streamline your workflow efficiencies:

  1. Phoenix WinNonlin is an industry standard application that provides PK/PD Data Analysis tools, including NCA, Bioequivalence, Plotting, and Reporting.
  2. Phoenix NLME extends the tools available in WinNonlin to do population PK/PD analyses, such as covariate analysis, covariance analysis, and Visual Predictive Checks (VPCs).

A strength of the Phoenix Platform is that both the individual and population modeling tools are provided in the same intuitive, user-friendly platform that is utilized by 37 out of the top 40 biopharma companies and adopted by key regulatory agencies including US FDA, Japan PMDA and China NMPA.

Phoenix key benefits:

  1. Reliable industry standard results
  2. Supporting data and reporting tools
  3. Easy validation is possible

Phoenix NLME key benefits:

  1. Intuitive, easy-to-use population modeling tools
  2. Award-winning population modeling algorithm (QRPEM)
  3. Advanced modeling capabilities using PML modeling language