Certara offers predictive science and informatics solutions that enable cross-disciplinary and translational approaches to drug development.

Scientific Informatics

Medivir Chooses D360 as Drug Discovery Platform

D360 will provide enhanced data access and visualization, permitting closer collaboration between Medivir’s discovery scientists. Learn more

Integration wth Cortellis

allows D360 to provide data views that present both curated public data alongside a company’s internal proprietary data.

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Scientific Data Access, Analysis and Collaboration Software

Have you ever wished for more interactive access to your data to make your research more effective? Ever thought, If only I could...

  • get a quick idea of how this assay performed over the last 6 months, so I could understand if we are making bad project decisions and why…
  • look at the ADME profiles of compounds from other projects, so I could develop improved strategies for overcoming issues in my project…
  • easily see the chemical inventory data alongside the biology results, so we could move this project forward that much faster by being more practical…
  • find out which studies included animals that demonstrated increased levels of this protein over the past year, and have that answer now rather than days from now…
  • have greater access to the toxicokinetic data I need to correlate drug exposure to the pathology findings…

D360 can help

D360 allows scientists to ask and answer these questions and more, bringing scientific data to life by providing users with full, self-service access to all of their research data (chemistry, biology, preclinical safety, and more) - with integrated analysis and collaboration tools - in a single application.  

D360 has been applied throughout the drug discovery and development process from early discovery, through preclinical study logistics, to cross-study analysis of safety data. 

  • Discovery D360 supports chemists, biologists and research managers alike in their use and interpretation of research data. Incorporation of logistical information such as compound inventory and access to notebook data in ELNs adds practicality considerations to research decisions.  

  • Preclinical:  D360 provides preclinical pharmacologists, toxicologists, and pathologists the ability to understand data at a level beyond an individual study.  With D360, scientists can explore cross species exposure vs. toxicology, control group drift, and prevalence of adverse effects within drug classes.  

  • Clinical and Translational Science:  Bringing together data from different disciplines provides an extensive cross-functional data perspective that is essential to all the approaches taken to translational science. D360’s queryable data network approach allows scientific data from throughout the traditional discovery-development process to be explored in a scientifically meaningful manner to assess therapeutics and uncover trends.

Here’s what you get with D360:

  • One-click access to project datasets with automated data formatting and presentation.
  • Integrated analysis tools and direct connection to productivity tools that satisfy the whole workflow.
  • Self-service access to data – whether it’s a standard project view or exploratory data mining:
    • Reduce your reliance on your IT staff or a few overworked, informatics-savvy users to get access to your data.
    • D360’s simple drag and drop query building procedure allows every scientist to create their own queries as well as share those queries with others.
    • No specialized knowledge of databases or data architecture required.
    • New assays are automatically picked up by D360, allowing scientists immediate access to the new data.

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