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Best in class just got better!

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Muse Invent Does What?

Learn how Muse Invent identifies drug design candidates that are not only

synthesizable but describes the necessary synthesis pathway as well

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Training Courses

Certara trains over 1,000 scientists per year.

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Delivers integrated data from different sources

to help scientists solve their data puzzles.

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Model Based Drug Discovery and Development

Certara® was formed through the integration of Tripos®, Pharsight®, Simcyp®, and Synchrogenix®creating a company that offers a broad spectrum of scientific consulting services and software products from early drug discovery through clinical drug development, with special focus on model based approaches to drug development.

Certara is the only company that provides expertise spanning drug discovery and development – with modeling, analysis, and simulation methods that include scientific informatics, molecular modeling, PK/PD modeling and simulation, PBPK modeling and simulation, and regulatory writing and submission services. With these capabilities, Certara is uniquely able to help our customers accelerate decision making, and enable the cross-disciplinary approaches necessary for translational science.

Leveraging 50 years of combined expertise in modeling, analysis, and simulation methods, Certara supports translational science needs.

Global scientific team applies quantitative analysis and predictive models of diseases, drugs and clinical trials to support strategic decisions and new drug submissions. Learn More

Supporting model based, cross-disciplinary, and translational approaches to drug discovery and development.

Solutions for modeling, simulation, and analysis, as well as scientific informatics throughout the discovery and development process. Learn More