The Fantastic 4: Simcyp Rat, Mouse, Dog, and Monkey Simulators

June 27, 2019
Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and simulation has been regularly used to translate information from animals to humans to assist in dose selection and ‘First-in-Human’ studies. Certara’s animal PBPK platform, the Simcyp® Animal Simulators (SAS) include PBPK models for pre-clinical species such as the mouse,...

Innovative Solutions for Fast-Tracking Drugs for Rare Diseases

August 7, 2019
Achieving regulatory approval alone no longer determines a drug’s or therapy’s commercial success or even guarantees its market launch. Today, each product must be evaluated from a value perspective by payers and health authorities to be placed on the formulary, factored into reimbursement rates, and put into treatment plans before it is...

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