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From Concept to Market: Value of MIFD & Simcyp Biopharmaceutics for Streamlined Drug Formulation and Approvals

Live webinar

Free Webinar for Biopharmaceutics and Drug Formulation Scientists

Biopharmaceutics and drug formulation scientists, mark your calendars for our free webinar where we’ll share the latest advances in model-informed formulation development (MIFD) technology.

Our panel of Certara leaders and industry experts will share use cases and provide valuable insights to enhance the drug development process and propel formulation excellence.

Participants will gain crucial knowledge on:

Streamlined Development: Learn how Simcyp Biopharmaceutics accelerates formulation identification and refinement, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Discover how to use Simcyp Biopharmaceutics to make informed choices about incorporating advanced technologies into your workflows.

Broad Applicability: Explore real-world use cases demonstrating the software’s effectiveness from early formulation selection to virtual bioequivalence assessments.

Unique Applications: Gain insights into Simcyp Biopharmaceutics’ innovative features like the Virtual Bioequivalence (VBE) module, advanced GI modeling, and automated safe space identification.

The Power of MIFD: Understand how Model-Informed Formulation Development (MIFD) with Simcyp Biopharmaceutics expedites formulation refinement and increases biowaiver success rates, leading to faster drug development.

This webinar will be most beneficial for:

  • Biopharmaceutics scientists
  • Drug formulation experts
  • Pharmaceutical professionals involved in drug development
  • Researchers and industry stakeholders interested in innovative formulation strategies
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Presenters and Guest Panelists
David Turner 2024
David B. Turner, PhD
Senior Principal Scientist

David B. Turner PhD is a Senior Scientific Advisor and Head of Mechanistic Oral Absorption Modelling at Certara UK Ltd (Simcyp Division) having joined Simcyp in 2004. He is author or co-author on 44 peer-reviewed papers. His work at Simcyp has mainly focused upon oral absorption modelling but also on physico-chemical aspects of PBPK modelling including tissue distribution and a variety of QSAR models. David was the PI for a recently completed FDA grant to develop modelling tools for handling supersaturating drug products and is co-PI on another FDA grant to look at locally acting drugs in the GI tract. He has a Biochemistry BSc, a Computer Science MSc and a PhD in Chemoinformatics and QSAR modelling all obtained at Sheffield University, UK. Prior to joining Simcyp he worked in a Computational Chemistry Group (Synt:em SA, Nîmes, France) focused mainly upon high throughput in silico discovery and virtual screening projects.

Nikunjkumar Patel
Nikunjkumar Patel, PhD
Senior Director of PBPK Consultancy Services
Dr. Patel is a Senior Director of PBPK Consultancy Services in the Simcyp division of Certara. Nikunj helps clients with advanced PBPK modelling to expedite internal decision making, support biowaivers via virtual bioequivalence assessments, and develop model-informed regulatory strategies for novel products, generic formulations, scale-up and post-approval changes (SUPAC), and justification of dissolution specifications. He has more than 15 years’ experience in computer-aided drug design and PKPD modelling, including 13+ years’ experience focusing on PBPK modelling.