Simulating Viral Dynamics in the New Trial Simulator

Certara’s Trial Simulator software provides a powerful approach to computer-assisted trial design, balancing ease of use with robust tools for defining design attributes, conducting statistical and sensitivity analysis, and creating graphical summaries to plan effective trials for every phase of clinical drug testing. While it provides an intuitive user interface to help new users learn trial simulation, Trial Simulator also has the versatility to handle complex trial situations, and it now connects directly with R and ggplot for custom plotting.

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Poland illustrated how Trial Simulator can perform integrated adherence-PK/PD-outcome modeling incorporating basic HIV and HCV viral dynamics under combination treatments. Adherence modeling explores the risk of patients developing drug-resistant viral strains, especially with regimens using longer dose intervals. He also showed how to capture parameter estimate uncertainty to provide confidence bands around short-term and long-term dose-response curves.