Simcyp In Vitro Analysis (SIVA) Toolkit: Get the Most from Your In Vitro Data

Analysis of in vitro data from whole cell systems and dissolution studies is complex, challenging and time consuming. Yet accurate data analysis and informed data interpretation early in drug development is crucial. Existing tools have mainly been developed for broader data analysis and are not specifically designed for in vitro systems. These software tools do not readily support analysis of complex in vitro data, which is key to successfully predicting in vivo behavior with physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models and informing critical decisions.

The SIVA Toolkit is a user-friendly platform, specifically designed to assist scientists with analyzing complex in vitro studies. This innovative solution can analyze a broad range of in vitro assays― whole cells, tissue samples and solid dosage forms― to assess the metabolism, transport and dissolution/solubility of drugs. In this webinar, Nikunjkumar Patel and Howard Burt presented several case studies that illustrate how SIVA can help you get the most out of your in vitro data!