Phoenix WinNonlin Validation Suite: Decrease the Time and Cost of Your Validation

Do you or your company spend weeks or months manually performing the necessary steps for software validation?

In this webinar, the Certara team discussed the requirements for computer system validation, how it’s performed, and how Certara’s validation products can significantly reduce the time, resources, and cost of the on-site validation of your Phoenix WinNonlin computer system.

Debra Fontana, Quality Assurance Manager, and Linda Hughes, Principal Software Engineer, also presented the Phoenix WinNonlin Validation Suite, which includes nearly 200 automated test scripts to minimize test case preparation and execution time, and five validation document templates to speed document preparation. The updates included in Phoenix WinNonlin Validation Suite 4.0, for use in testing Phoenix WinNonlin 6.4 (part of the Phoenix 1.4 platform), were discussed.