How Using Phoenix Can Halve the Time Spent on Pre-clinical PK Analyses

WinNonlin was launched in 1986 and has become the de facto standard for NCA and PK/PD modeling. Four years ago, Phoenix WinNonlin was launched to very positive response from the scientific community. As we worked closely with the WinNonlin user community to design the next generation Phoenix platform, we realized that users were spending much of their time repeating similar analysis steps (i.e. workflows) for their most frequently-used study types.

To improve productivity, and job satisfaction, Phoenix WinNonlin was designed to easily automate repetitive analysis steps by creating a workflow template tailored to the task. This allows a user to re-run analysis for a given study type just by connecting a new dataset to an existing Phoenix workflow template. At a Phoenix User Group meeting, our customers described how they leverage Phoenix to improve productivity. One of our customers gave a particularly exciting presentation of how Phoenix WinNonlin helped automate 90% of their preclinical PK analyses. Watch this webinar with Certara’s Customer Support Manager and Phoenix trainer, Chris Mehl, to see how this group of scientists used Phoenix to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.