How Model-based Personalized Drug Dosing Will Revolutionize Healthcare

Every patient is different. Thus, they react to drugs in different ways. Precision dosing is a key step toward achieving the goals of precision medicine, a global objective supported by world leaders. The emerging precision dosing field harnesses the explosion of genomic data and various markers of bodily functions using mathematical modeling to ensure that individuals get the best possible treatment.

Watch our webinar to learn how modeling and simulation approaches support the goal of precision dosing—providing the right drug dose to maximize therapeutic benefit, while reducing risk for each individual patient.

Dr. Niloufar Marsousi, a pharmacist completing her doctorate in clinical pharmacology at Geneva University Hospitals, presented her research on using a PBPK model to support prospective dose adjustment of ticagrelor in ritonavir-treated HIV patients. Dr. Marsousi was joined by Dr. Jeannine McCune, a Professor at the University of Washington College of Pharmacy and a Full Member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Dr. McCune explained how modeling techniques can be applied to busulfan, a medication often dosed using therapeutic drug monitoring.