Agile Research Informatics for Nimble Organizations: From Experiment to Decision

David Lowis, Sr. Director from Certara, described how data access and analysis of any experiment through Certara’s D360 can be quickly deployed as a first research informatics system, used to supplement existing partial solutions or used to replace high-overhead systems. D360 provides an efficient scientist-driven system that delivers both standard data views and exploratory data query and analysis. This allows scientists to move from experiment to research decision with the agility that is so vital for smaller research organization. He described a case study where D360 was used to replace older technologies at a biotechnology company.

Dr. Lowis also showed D360’s new visualization tools and shares the future roadmap as D360 advances its support of biologics in addition to small molecules.

Key Themes

1. Research informatics environment must match the agility of your organization

a. Capture any experiment, ask any question, close to real-time decision making
b. Informatics environment must have low overhead without heavy IT needs

2. Follow your train of thought from experimental measurement to research decision in a matter of minutes

3. It’s never too early to introduce your first research informatics system

a. Replacing manual processes in Excel
b. Adding capability to existing, specialized, systems
c. Replacing older technologies that require significant overhead or are end of life