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E-learning Courses: Training at Your Convenience

Certara University has expanded its educational reach via the introduction of an e-learning platform. E-learning classes are now available in various topics such as Introduction to Phoenix Winnonlin, Population Modeling Using Phoenix NLME, Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics, Non-compartmental Data Analysis, Introduction to Statistics with R, and many other courses. See below for a full course listing of e-learning courses.

  Train at your own pace from anywhere.  


Each e-learning course, developed and narrated by experienced Certara University pharmacometricians, is organized into modules containing scientific concepts, exercises with real-world data, and evaluations to test understanding.

The courses are self-paced, so that learners can start and stop their training to align with their schedule. Plus, the e-learning course content will be available for ongoing review for 3 years after purchase, making it ideal for the infrequent software user. To visit Certara University, click here.

*Academia discount: 50% discount students & teachers.

*Buy 2 or more courses and receive a bundled discount.

Available E-learning Courses

(100-OD) Introduction to Phoenix WinNonlin
elearning – $1595

(101-OD) Introduction to Population Modeling Using Phoenix NLME
elearning – $1195

(102-OD) IVIVC Toolkit for Phoenix WinNonlin
elearning – $895

(103-OD) Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics
elearning – $299

(105-OD) Noncompartmental Data Analysis
elearning – $299

(110-OD) What is New in Phoenix WinNonlin 7.0
elearning – $99

(200-OD) Intermediate Phoenix WinNonlin - PK/PD Modeling
elearning – $2395

(300-OD) Advanced PK/PD Modeling using Phoenix WinNonlin
elearning – $2395

(301-OD) Advanced Population Modeling using Phoenix NLME
elearning – $1195

(POD-100) Examples of Biosimulation in Drug Development
elearning – $0

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