Using Simcyp-guided ADME Biomarker Discovery to Prospectively Identify Patients at High Risk of Drug Toxicity

Thomas Polasek

As novel molecular targets are being continuously discovered and new treatments developed, oncology is one of the biggest therapeutic areas in precision medicine. In particular, new targeted anti-cancer medications that are taken orally, such as the protein kinase inhibitors (KIs), are ideal candidates for model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) technologies.1 One of these technologies is called physiologically-based […]

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Topics: Clinical Pharmacology Strategy, PBPK Modeling & Simulation, PK/PD Modeling & Simulation, Systems Pharmacology


Crossing the Chasm: Pharmacometrics is a “Must Do” for a Successful Drug Program Successful drug development and commercialization requires getting critical decisions right—what is the exposure-response relationship for the drug, what is the optimal dosing strategy, and which patients would derive greatest benefit from it. Pharmacometrics uses mathematical and statistical models to quantify drug, disease, […]

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