Ulrich Neumann

Sr. Director & Head, US Value & Access

About Ulrich Neumann

Ulrich Neumann, MSc MA BSc BA, is a Senior Director at Analytica Laser, Certara’s Evidence and Access Group in New York, where he leads the company’s US Market Access and Commercial Strategy team. With a dual background in business and public administration, he focuses on reimbursement and pricing issues, as well as activities on the political, legislative and regulatory landscape to assess policy drivers, enablers and challenges to market access. His commercial experience lies in defining product strategy, value messaging and b2b brand development. The founder of several ventures, Ulrich has worked on go-to-market projects for 12+ year, leading multimillion $ P&Ls and cross-functional academic/commercial teams. He published two books in the policy field as well as various pharmaceutical articles, whitepapers, reports and posters around critical managed care topics such as reimbursement of infused vs. oral oncolytics, formulary placement, evidence frameworks, payment reform, outcomes-based contracting or manufacturer IDN collaborations. Ulrich holds an MSc from the London School of Economics, an MA from University of Southern California, Annenberg School and Marshall School of Business. He’s recently led a seminar at Rutgers Business School (Irvine Center) on clinical trial innovation and is a nominated Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce since 2014.