Trevor Johnson

Principal Scientist


Sheffield, United Kingdom

About Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson is Principal Scientist and deputy head of Systems Pharmacology at Certara (formerly Simcyp). He joined us in 2003 and has led the development of Simcyp pediatric software designed to predict dose, drug-concentration time profiles and likely drug response from birth onwards. His current areas of research focus on pediatric oral drug absorption & biologics, ontogeny of transporters and also special population’s particularly hepatic impairment.

After previously working as a pediatric hospital pharmacist, Trevor obtained his PhD in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology followed by a post-doc in population pharmacokinetics at the University of Sheffield. He has over 50 research publications and 7 book contributions in the areas of pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, pediatric drug therapy and hospital Pharmacy. In his spare time Trevor enjoys hillwalking, mountain biking and photography.