Sreeni Devidas

Vice President, Business Development

About Sreeni Devidas

Dr. Devidas works with senior leadership and development teams in Certara’s Innovation and Strategic Consulting groups to build out the Data Sciences initiative with a focus on defining customer needs. Dr. Devidas has over 18 years’ experience in the Life Sciences industry where he has held a number of business development and venture capital positions. Prior to Certara, Dr. Devidas was the Vice President of Business Development at GVK Bio Excelra for 13 years, helping to make GVK Bio a globally recognized company in Life Sciences Knowledge Sciences. Dr. Devidas also helped to expand the global informatics business at Strand Life Sciences and Jubilant Biosciences. Earlier in his career, he was a Senior Associate at McKinsey and Company where he advised on corporate strategy to Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies, and as Vice President at Insight Capital Partners focused on early stage investments in the India investment arm. Dr. Devidas earned a Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee Medical School (Memphis, TN) and a PhD from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with Nobel Laureate Peter Agre and William Guggino. His work focused on Aquaporins and Cystic Fibrosis, and he has authored numerous publications.